Welcome aboard the Royal Retreat, the pride of India, the wonderful, unparallel, unique and unforgettable Palace on Wheels. Palace on Wheels has been rated amongst the top ten luxury trains of the world. Palace on Wheels happens to be one of the finest ways to travel through the intoxicating, incomparable, incredible, impressive, inimitable, inspirational land of India. Explore India aboard Palace on Wheels and feel the difference.


Euclid mentioned to king Ptolemy I that there was no royal road to geometry but what have in store for you is a royal track to happiness. Interested? Well welcome aboard the Royal Retreat, the pride of India, the wonderful wonder, unparallel, unique and unforgettable Palace-On-Wheels. Palace-on-Wheels has been rated amongst the top ten luxury trains of the world. India boasts of other luxury trains too like the Royal Orient and the Fairy Queen. It happens to be one of the finest ways to travel through the intoxicating, incomparable, incredible, impressive, inimitable, inspirational land of India. Take a royal retreat and be the king or the queen.

Experience the royalty along side the cultural, architectural, natural and traditional richness that India has to offer on this terrific train – Palace On Wheels. The ambience and the aura make the astute feel to be living in the regal era. The yesteryears when the maharajas and the maharanis used to reign supreme will be recreated for you. The chugging train will make you live in the palace. The train that is so true to its name, is bound, to enchant you. The comfort, the convenience and the charm are unmatched by any other train. The ease with which the entire trio will be covered is awesome.

Palace on Wheels – Itineraries

To make life easier for you and your family, we are offering you two itineraries of Palace on Wheels. The first itinerary is the normal tour program of Palace on Wheels with 7 Nights/ 8 Days of royal journey on one of the most luxurious trains in the world. The second itinerary is a complete program that leaves nothing for chance and lets you enjoy India from your first steps here till the time you have cached your flight back.

Palace On Wheels – Luxury Train Itineraries (7 Nights/ 8 Days)

Take the most luxurious and royal trains on Planet Earth and explore the former royalties of Rajasthan and most enduring symbol of love Taj Mahal. You will board the train every Wednesday from Delhi and reach back to the city after a week after completing one of the most incredible journeys that you may have every taken

History of the Palace on Wheels

The Palace on Wheels offers you the most splendid journey one can imagine on a train. As the name suggests it is one of the most luxurious trains of the world. The history of this wonderful train is impossibly legendry and vivid. The carriages, which formed this train, have a history of their own. The magnificent and luxurious coaches of this train were once used by the rulers of princely states of Rajputana, Gujarat, the Nizam of Hyderabad and the Viceroy of British India.

After the Independence of India in 1947, the use of these coaches were discontinued by the Indian Railways on account of its gorgeous furnishings and very rich and traditional interiors, as it was not viable to include these in the normal passenger trains. They remained in this state until 1982 when the Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation and Indian Railways decided to launch a special heritage tourist train for providing an unforgettable experience to the tourists visiting Rajasthan. The Palace On Wheels powered by powerful steam engine made its inaugural trip on 26th January 1982 and started its regular operations from October 1982.

The significance of the Palace on Wheels lies in the fact that it’s considered, indeed the most prestigious train of the world. Wide media coverage including TV teams of BBC World and National Geographic Channel has been contributing in enhancing its popularity all over the world. Its splendid journey covers the most popular tourist destinations in India including the Pink city of Jaipur, Ranthambore National Park, world’s famous tigers reserve, Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary and the most beautiful and popular monument of the world ‘The Taj Mahal’ at Agra. The Palace on Wheels surely offers you an unforgettable tour of your life.

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Destinations Covered by the Palace On Wheels

Welcome aboard the Palace On Wheels on its splendid and enchanting royal journey through the bygone era of the erstwhile Maharajas. On board the Palace on Wheels you will feel the magic of the royal Rajasthan and the amazing Agra. Colour, action, fun and frolic added with rich local culture and tradition create an ethnic ambience and attract large number of tourists to these Indian destinations every year. The beautiful landscapes are there to bewitch you entirely. The journey promises to be the most vivacious and vibrant week of your life. The royal retreat takes you through the hues of the pink city, city of lakes, national park and the elegy of love. The journey commences on the Wednesday night when the dinner is served onboard. The eight days’ and seven nights’ magnificent journey in royal splendour takes you across the tourist destinations in Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh.

Facilities on Board

  • Accommodation: 14 fully air conditioned deluxe salons, each a combination of 4 twin bedded chambers with channel music, intercom, attached toilets, running hot and cold water, shower, wall to wall carpeting and other amenities.
  • Luggage Collection: Your luggage is picked up and taken to your respective salons without your worrying about it.
  • Meals: An exotic array of dishes to choose from – Continental, Chinese, Indian and Rajasthani cuisines are available on the Palace-On-Wheels.

Common Facilities

  • Bar: A well stocked bar serves wine, liquor and spirits of Indian and International make, to keep you in ‘High Spirits.
  • Indoor Games: Chess, Playing Cards, Chinese Checkers, Carrom Board and Crossword Puzzles are available
  • Lounge: A lounge for relaxing, interacting, making friends, getting together and indulging in games.

Available departures

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